intermission branding


Brand creation for a coffeeshop and roastery that puts people and planet first

For years provenance has been the norm for how to tell stories within coffee. But this is problematic: It romanticises and fetishises exotic places... glossing over the supply chain and all the people it takes to serve great coffee. Our strategy was to reset how we talk about coffee... instead of provenance we made Time our hero.

Intermission is a coffeeshop that believes the time is now to act on addressing the challenges facing both the coffee industry and the planet. Their goal is to be at the frontier of sustainable coffee... addressing challenges today because tomorrow is too late.

  • communication: Brand strategy / Naming / Identity / Social mission / Art-direction / Print / Packaging / Signage / Social
  • experience: Contribution to interior design
  • technology: Digital design
Time is omnipresent throughout intermission’s world. The brand celebrates time and encourages you to take a little break. For customers, intermission is a refuge from the rhythm of the day... a place to recharge minds and bodies. We leverage time as a way to highlight the supply chain as well as delicious, smart and sustainable options... addressing challenges today because tomorrow is too late.

Design team:

Creative Direction, Strategy, Design, Photography & Copy: Robin Howie
Design: Megan Barclay, Luca Bresolin, Gracie Hawkins, Katy Needham
Illustration: Tomi Um
Motion: T.R Bennett