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Studio profile on It’s Nice That

We are delighted to be profiled on It’s Nice That for the first time.

Here’s the link.

Robin Howie

New work: Lineage for a Phantom Zone

At the start of this year we had the pleasure of being contacted to design a book for artist Sondra Perry.

Lineage for a Phantom Zone is an immersive audio-visual installation that imagines a dream that the artist Sondra Perry wishes that she could have had. The work explores personal history as the roots of dreams, the erasure of Black history in the American South, and the dream space as a passage for reaching sites of heritage that are inaccessible.

Special thanks to producer Chloe Hodge and Vibe Called Tech for inviting us to be a part of this project.

See the project here.

The project was featured in Creative Boom.

There’s also a lovely interview with me on Design Week about the project too.

Robin Howie

New work: intermission branding

For the last couple of years we have been working extensively with intermission, a coffeeshop and roastery in business to change the rhythm of the world.

This has been such a delight to work on, when we joined the project in 2019 the business was just an idea that Founders Misha and Kunsang wanted to create a coffeeshop that does right by people and planet.

Throughout the course of the project we came up with a strategy that places emphasis on time rather than fetishising the provenance of coffee... we named the business, developed the brand identity, contributed to the interiors, developed packaging and digital presence etc... It’s been incredible to get involved in all aspects of this business, from supply chains to point of sale.

And what a journey it was to get there too. For me personally I had never ever even drank a cup of coffee before taking on this project, from drinking my first ever coffee to taking barista training to better understand the world of speciality coffee.

The projects a-ha moment actually came in Greenwich Maritime Museum. Located at the Greenwich Meridian Line the museum has a small time exhibition: The visual iand verbal identity really came together when I heard the ‘beep beep beep’ of the old talking clock; the three dots above the ‘i’s... transformed into an ellipsis (which in literature denotes the passage of time) and became really the driving force behind the verbal identity.

This is a brand we are very proud of. You can read the case study of the project here:

Design Week interviewed us about the project which you can read here.

There’s another lovely interview with me over on The Brand Identity.

The project also had a great review in Brand New.