Hammersmith and Fulham Borough Council

Supergraphics to counter the impact of air-pollution on health

Following our Plants Not Pollution project, Hammersmith & Fulham Borough Council and the Hammersmith BID invited us to design supergraphics for another section of the Hammersmith Flyover.

We asked ‘how might we combat the awful effect air pollution has on our health?’. In our research we were shocked to discover how air pollution degenerates our cognitive ability. Brainteasers is a project to counter the effects of air pollution — by keeping local minds stimulated.

Each maze and riddle was designed and tested so that it couldn’t be solved in the time it takes to pass by — our aim was to keep local minds engaged as they travel under the Flyover every day.

  • communication: Applied Graphics / Environments
  • experience: Placemaking / Location specific communication
The project site is a popular throughfare for pedestrians and cyclists, it is situated next to a school and the Hammersmith Apollo

Special thanks to Parkinsons UK and Alzheimer's Research UK for their time during the development of this project. Murals painted by Peter Barber.
Press images available here.