The Ragtop Boys

John Turner

Film titles and campaign for a short film about a British Greaser gang.

Director John Turner invited us to design the film titles, campaign and promotional materials for his short film ‘The Ragtop Boys’, the film which is in the style of an observational documentary follows a British 'greaser gang' on their last weekend together, the last days of the gang being ready to set the world on fire before they'd never see each other again.

Following researching and interviewing real 1970's Greaser Gangs we designed the film titles and campaign from the gang’s perspective. All elements of the campaign were designed as if the Ragtop Boys had made everything themselves.

  • communication: Film Titles / Identity / Campaign / Posters / Printed literature / Packaging /
Film poster
The film's press-kit was designed as the Ragtop Boys' own Zine
Designed with a typewriter, a lot of glue and a little blood; the zine was layed out over a xerox machine
Design details of the 'press-kit' zine, where each character was interviewed

Real Greaser Gangs in Chicago had ‘gang calling cards’; for the film titles each of the Ragtop Boys where introduced with their own personalised calling card.

Film titles
Full title sequence
The DVD Packaging was screenprinted directly onto cases to appear like the gang had graffiti'd the design on directly
At the screening guests were offered little brown paper packets enclosing pins, stickers and temporary tattoos

Illustrations by Mike Redmond.