The Nest Project

Fieldwork Facility

A project to engage citizens with encouraging bird life in inner-city areas

The Nest Project is a studio inquiry aimed at encouraging bird life in inner-city areas, making our neighbourhoods nicer places to live and work; encouraging a sense of place for all.

The Nests are designed to exist in the urban environment, easily attaching onto existing lamp-posts and street furniture. The nests are homes for birds but also urban interventions for people; they highlight nature's place in our urban fabric.

  • experience: Experiences / Interactions / Interventions / Communication Ecosystems / Placemaking / Location specific communication
  • communication: Identity / Campaigns / Printed Literature
  • technology: Networked Cities & Citizens / Products / Hyperlocal Services / Hyperlocal Services / Communication ecosystems

The Nest Project is citizen led; it’s designed for citizens to encourage birds to nest in their own neighbourhoods.

Nests start their life in the home, school or office. Participants are encouraged to make the nest ready for birds by working in pencil for a week (the nest's ‘dowel’ is actually a pencil and sharpener), each time you sharpen you're pencil your making more of a home for the incoming birds.

Nests start as pencil sharpeners in homes, schools and offices where people can contribute to making a nest by working in pencil for a week
A small booklet introduces the project and gives advice on choosing a responsible location for the nest
Participants are encouraged to contribute nest locations and activity to a public database.
The project offers a new lens on the neighbourhood; and encourages new ways to explore the city
Special nest-boxes are offered to corporate members supporting The Nest Project. These connected nests 'tweet' photos of periodic activity
Future iterations of nests could be adapted to empower citizens with public information on air quality and changes in an area's natural environment

If you are interested in hearing project updates, seeing the Nest Project in your area or you're interested in partnering with Fieldwork Facility in it's delivery drop us an email.