Low Carbon Hub Branding

Low Carbon Hub

Helping an Oxford based Social Venture create a massive change in the energy system

This project is about helping a social venture emerge from it's start-up phase; and start engaging local communities with producing there own renewable energy projects. Low Carbon Hub is a social venture in Oxfordshire that wants to see a massive change in the energy system by getting us to work together. The organisation works with schools, businesses and communities to create renewable energy projects that create a community benefit.

The organisation needed a complete overhaul retaining only their name and logo. A new brand identity is driven by a refreshed typographic palette that encapsulates a human tone of voice with a pioneering spirit. The project started by helping the social venture strategically by establishing how to communicate their purpose and mission. The new identity was rolled out through reports, publications, manifesto’s, a new website and their 2016 Share Offer campaign.

  • communication: Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Campaign / Printed literature / Posters / Applied Graphics / Typography & Type Design /
  • experience: Event collateral / Placemaking /
Redrawn logo with call to action
Community events
Business cards
We supplied Brand Guidelines so that all communications can reverberate with purpose.
Campaign imagery uses night-time photography to show energy in use throughout Oxfordshire’s communities
Lightpainting was used to communicate messages in Oxfordshire towns and villages. Underlying this approach is an observation that it is easier to understand energy by seeing how it is used, rather than being told how it is made.
Manifesto's, Share Offer Documents and publications
Share offer campaign

You can see more of the light-painting images from the campaign on our Flickr.