Imagination Without Barriers 2016

Royal College of Art

A fundraising campaign for student scholarships and bursaries

Imagination Without Barriers is a fundraising campaign we established for the Royal College of Art. The campaign raises money for the RCA Fund which in turn provides scholarships and bursaries for students unable to make the most of the RCA experience, or even accept there place at the College due to financial circumstances.The direct mail and social media campaign asks the College's friends and alumni to make small donations towards the Fund.

This year’s campaign illustrated the imaginations of previous bursary recipients and asked ‘What if you had the most amazing imagination, but no place to develop it?’. The final IWB portraits were created as part photogram’s; developing the imagination elements inside the RCA’s photography darkrooms.

  • communication: Campaign, Identity, Posters, Direct Mail, Printed Literature
The direct mail
The direct mail featured multiple covers

Design & Art Direction: Fieldwork Facility
Photography: Maja Absa-Ngom
Illustration: Maria Ines Gul