Imagination Without Barriers

Royal College of Art

Establishing a campaign position, voice and the first campaign for the RCA Fund

We worked with the Royal College of Art to establish the first campaign for the RCA Fund; a new initiative calling on friends and alumni to support a range of projects to improve the student experience. Initially the Fund will be used for Scholarships and Bursaries and later potentially support research projects, material costs, travel bursaries and studio renovations.

'Imagination Without Barriers' is an umbrella concept for RCA Fund campaigns. The campaign uses a photographic language displacing students from the RCA along with a rhetoric that highlights the vast economic challenges facing todays RCA students.

  • communication: Campaign / Direct mail / Printed literature
Spreads from the direct mail booklet
The first half of the booklet introduces todays challenges facing the college and its students
The second half of the booklet introduces the RCA Fund and asks for donations to help break down the barriers to imagination

Following the direct mail we made follow up videos interviewing the year's bursary winners funded by the RCA Fund

Photography by Damian Griffiths.
Film made with Jai Rafferty.
You can donate to the RCA Fund here.