The Sixth Wall

Ten Cent Adventures

Logo for a podcast breaking down barriers between documentary maker and subject

We have designed the logo for The Sixth Wall a monthly podcast that showcases a documentary filmmaker and their subject in unguided, unedited conversation… but this time it’s the film’s subject asking the questions. Rarely does the person being placed centre frame get to return questions to the filmmaker with whom they’ve spent so many hours – Why am I so interesting to you? What is it about this topic that fascinates you? Why did you choose documentary as your medium? What is your story?

'The fourth wall' is an acting convention in which an invisible, imagined wall separates actors from the audience... only ever noticed when the wall when is broken. The fourth wall belongs to performances on stage or screen... but what happens when we're watching a documentary; is that a fifth wall? And what if you go one step further and invite the subject of a documentary to break all the 'walls' and interview the film maker... That's what The Sixth Wall is about.

  • communication: Logo / Typography / Stationery / Applied print graphics
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