The Wallpaper Collective

Fieldwork Facility

A project to create dialogues between different geographies and cultures

The Wallpaper Collective was a collaboration with the sculptor Freya Gabie. The project’s aim was to create dialogues between geographies and cultures. By producing paper reconstructions of walls we displaced borders and boundaries experienced on a daily basis. By manipulating the locations of walls, we encouraged those who experienced them to question the relationship between themselves, their environment and other people.

For the project's duration we invited people to send us images of walls from across the globe, with these images we created wallpapers (paper recreations of walls) which we then redistributed and rebuilt in another part of the world. Through an open-source website we offered the tools and instructions to rebuild those walls anywhere in the world.

  • experience: Experiences / Interactions / Interventions / Communication Ecosystems / Placemaking / Location specific communication
  • communication: Identity / Campaign / Exhibition Design / Posters / Applied Graphics
  • technology: Networked Cities & Citizens
Lahore, Pakistan rebuilt in Borough, London England
Tashkurgan, China rebuilt in Glasgow, Scotland
Berlin Zoo (penguin enclosure) rebuilt in Pimlico, London, England
Bukhara, Uzbekistan rebuilt in Camberwell, London, England
The Mission, San Francisco rebuilt in Southwark, London, England
The Great Wall of China (at Badaling) rebuilt in New Cross Gate, London, England

The Wallpaper Collective was a collaboration with artist Freya Gabie.