London Is A Forest

Quadrille Books

A series of forest trails through London’s forest

London is a city where nine million people live alongside eight point five million trees, according to one United Nations definition London classifies as a Forest. Writer Paul Wood journeys through London looking closely at the urban forest and our attitudes to it.

Conceived as a series of forest trails Fieldwork Facility designed the original edition and updated the expanded edition in 2022.

  • communication: Book design
Endpapers feature infographics detailing each forest trail (each chapter)
Each chapter opens with an illustration of the trailheads topography
GPS references accompany significant trees and locations throughout the book

Creative Direction: Robin Howie
Design: Robin Howie, Sinead Kirby, Emil Mniszko
Writer: Paul Wood
Commissioning Editor: Zena Alkayat
Publisher: Quadrille