Robin Howie

Studio profile on It’s Nice That

We are delighted to be profiled on It’s Nice That for the first time.

Here’s the link.

Robin Howie

Cattelya: A new mural for Brent Cross

This beautiful mural by Annu Kilpeläinen was commissioned by us, it’s part of our ongoing work to help Brent Cross Town feel playful and playable.
‘Cattleya’ is a celebration of Brent Cross's past, present and future. It was inspired by a community questionnaire in which local residents, workers and visitors suggested how the artwork should represent their area. In response, artist Annu Kilpeläinen created a symbolic representation of diverse communities coming together and nurturing a beautiful flower to its fullest bloom.

The work's name comes from the Cattleya Labiata, a flower that was named after William Cattley, a local botanist and importer of exotic plants into the UK.

“It was lovely to hear what the local residents had to say about the area and then start designing based on the feedback. A few said they wanted the wall to be hopeful and represent the international makeup of a cohesive community and also show the diversity and positive future of the area. The flowers going through the hands show the community coming together and the power of togetherness” — Annu Kilpeläinen
Robin Howie

New work: Lineage for a Phantom Zone

At the start of this year we had the pleasure of being contacted to design a book for artist Sondra Perry.

Lineage for a Phantom Zone is an immersive audio-visual installation that imagines a dream that the artist Sondra Perry wishes that she could have had. The work explores personal history as the roots of dreams, the erasure of Black history in the American South, and the dream space as a passage for reaching sites of heritage that are inaccessible.

Special thanks to producer Chloe Hodge and Vibe Called Tech for inviting us to be a part of this project.

See the project here.

The project was featured in Creative Boom.

There’s also a lovely interview with me on Design Week about the project too.