Robin Howie

Paper-Prototyping Places

Recently we ran a workshop with students from the UX and Architecture courses at Ravensbourne University.

Groups picked a place out of a hat and were challenged to reimagine that place within an hour using a crude paper prototype to show their thinking.

It was an absolutely high-octane bonkers hour that produced some really lovely thought starters… like a Telephone box repurposed for everyday emergencies. A Petrol Station that fuels electric cars (as well as drivers minds and body’s)… some interesting initial thoughts on how to rezone and keep a Public Library alive (yoga with audiobooks anyone?).

There was an interactive Park Bench with panpipes to help you appreciate a parks natural beauty (aided by the wind)… Another team reimagined the Newsagent’s shopfront as a digital community dashboard. A mental Pedestrian Bridge used gamification to keep users more active and finally a really lovely reinvention of the Bandstand that works as a sort of pop-up carnival-style sound system. Super fun, thanks for having us Ravensbourne.

Robin Howie

FF: Review of the year / 2019

Over on our Medium we’ve written up a review of every single project we worked on and released in 2019.

Dive in here.

Robin Howie

FF at the Festival of Place

Earlier in the summer, I was invited to talk at the Festival of Place. The panel was titled “What is a truly ‘smart’ city?” and billed as ‘a discussion of what data can do for cities, plus some myth-busting about what it can’t’. If you couldn’t make it I’ve just published my slides over on Medium. Here’s the link.