Robin Howie

New Work: Cautionary Tales’ title sequence

Our talented friends Us have made their first short film and it's brilliant! Not only are we super proud of them but also delighted to have designed the films title sequence. You can see a snippet of the titles in the teaser above.

The film is called ‘Cautionary Tales’ and will be doing the rounds at film festivals over the next six months with a first stop at the Foyle Film Festival in Londonderry.

Update: See the entire project here.

Robin Howie

New Work: The Sixth Wall

We have designed the logo for 'The Sixth Wall' a monthly podcast that invites the subject of a documentary film to interview the filmmaker.

The Sixth Wall is a really interesting concept and we're looking forward to hearing the podcast when it launches in February.

If you're wondering where the name comes from 'the fourth wall' is an acting convention in which an invisible, imagined wall separates actors from the audience... you only ever 'notice' the fourth wall when it's broken, for example on a tv show where a character breaks the mould by suddenly talking directly to you instead of within the shows narrative... House of Cards or House of Lies are good examples or if you haven't watched TV for twenty years Lovejoy also springs to mind!

So this imaginary fourth wall belongs to performances whether that's on stage or on screen... but what happens when we're watching a documentary, is that a fifth wall... and what if you go one step further and invite the subject of the documentary to break all the 'walls' and interview the film maker... That's what The Sixth Wall is about.

Robin Howie